Terms of use

Terms of use

We are https://filipinocouple.com, you use https://filipinocouple.com, FilipinoCouple, Filipino Couple, website - online dating website.

On https://filipinocouple.com membership means be registered user (you agreed with out terms already and you have your own profile on https://filipinocouple.com already.)

1.) Website

You can use https://filipinocouple.com only if you read our term of use and if you agree.

2.) Membership

On https://filipinocouple.com you can get membership only if you are 18 old or older than 18 years. You are not allowed to create more than one account. Use of multiple accounts is forbidden and will result in instant termination of service.

3.) User content

You agree that https://filipinocouple.com may manage all your content:

  • text
  • photos
  • videos
  • profile description
  • profile personal data
  • messages
'Manage' means delete, edit/modify, add or view.

4.) Damages on your a device

With use https://filipinocouple.com you understand that we are not responsible for possible damages on your any device what use our webiste https://filipinocouple.com or Mobile App, each use or download of our a service/product/website/application/app is on your entire responsibility.

5.) Forbidden software and scripts

On https://filipinocouple.com you can't use software or script/s where you can get some benefit/s from it (that you will recieve more messages from another members, your profile will have more visitors from other members) or that it will be bother other members (spam in chat to other members, giving interests to other members, visiting profiles to another members). Also you can't use a software/scripts for create new membership.

6.) Data security

https://filipinocouple.com cannot be held reliable for loss of your personal data and is not responsible for backing up any of your personal data or other.

7.) Your Data

You realise that materials provided by you can be accessible by other users and search engines whose actions https://filipinocouple.com is not responsible.

8.) Termination of service

Your profile/account/membership can be deleted/locked/banned anytime without a reason.

9.) Term of use

https://filipinocouple.com have right change/edit terms of use page anytime.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about this Terms of use, please contact us:

By email infofilipinocouple.com on this website.